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Temporary Anchorage System

VectorTAS is a coordinated system of miniscrews, attachments and instruments designed to facilitate a wide range of orthodontic movements using simple mechanics. 

  • Reduce anchorage demand for more control
  • Treat surgery cases treated without surgery
  • Eliminate the need for headgear
  • Reduce need for patient compliance
  • Reduce treatment time
  • Increase patient comfort

Simple System

VectorTAS is a complete system that combines user-friendly protocols, products, packaging and mechanics to simplify treatment and improve patient care.  

  • Simple color-coded atlas guides proper mini screw selection
  • Complete kit for one-stop shopping
  • Needle-free anesthesia for greater comfort and improved patient acceptance

Color  -  Recommended Implant Sites

  -   Facial Surface – Maxillary/mandibular alveolar ridge (mesial to cuspid), mandibular symphysis

  -   Facial & Lingual Surfaces – Maxillary/mandibular alveolar ridge (mesial to second molar)

  -   Retromolar Area

  -   Infrazygomatic Crest

VectorTAS Kit

The VectorTAS kit, including the patented VectorTAS Atlas, includes everything you need to treat approximately 10 cases*.

Each kit includes:

  • Miniscrew assortment
  • Driver and tips
  • Spring assortment
  • Initiators
  • Tissue punches
  • Typodont
  • Technique guide
  • Crimpable posts
  • Protocol guide

*Needle-free anesthesia is not included.