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Coordinated System - Titanium Orthos combines the most precise bracket and wire system with the proven material benefits of titanium for the finest straightwire twin appliance on the market.

  • Unique stored energy properties of titanium
  • Up to 85% fewer bond failures
  • Fewer detailing appointments
  • Tooth-shaped pads for ideal placement
  • Biocompatible and corrosion-free

Stored Energy

The body of the Titanium Orthos bracket is designed to flex when activated with an archwire and to store up to 40% of the initial load. With Titanium Orthos, clinicians enjoy more gentle forces, for greater patient comfort. Similar to titanium alloy archwires, titanium provides a far more predictable return and precise expression at unloading over an extended period of time. Less force and longer treatment intervals translate to shorter treatment time and greater efficiency for your practice. Titanium Orthos has been shown to reduce treatment time by eliminating two to three finishing appointments.

Fit and Forget

Tooth-specific pad shapes and contours make Titanium Orthos brackets amazingly easy to place for more accurate finishing and reduced midtreatment repositioning. Titanium’s chemical affinity to adhesives and superior shock absorbency deliver unmatched bond retention. In-office studies have demonstrated significant reduction in bond failures. With Titanium Orthos, you simply fit and forget until the end of treatment, providing greater clinical and practice efficiency.

  •     Tooth-shaped pads on every bracket for easy and consistent placement
  •     Unmatched bond retention – up to 85% fewer bond failures

Compensation In Slot (CIS)

Compensation is cut into the slot of the lower cuspid brackets and the shape of the archwire is adjusted to sweep as close to the tooth surface as is practical. This allows a dramatic reduction in the profile of the lower anterior brackets. The Compensation In Slot (CIS) geometry does not “rotate” the tooth. The CIS geometry does, in conjunction with the archwires, compensate for 1st order discrepancies.

Ins and outs of Orthos®

Orthos, the first computer-engineered coordinated system of brackets and wires, was designed to eliminate the common challenges of everyday treatment. Precision bracket geometries and a coordinated arch form reduce the need for compensating wire bends and deliver quality results from crown to root tip.

  • Progressive distal root tip for ideal root alignment
  • Improved cuspid-to-lateral and bicuspid-to-molar transitions eliminate the need for common first-order bends
  • Low-profile lower anterior brackets with compensated-slot cuspids and a coordinated arch form for reduced occlusal interference and greater patient comfort
  • Gingivally offset tooth-shaped pads maximize bonding surface area without compromising placement accuracy

Coordinated Archwire System

The bio-engineered geometries of the Orthos appliance are designed to work specifically with the industry’s first coordinated archwire system. Although the arch form may seem unorthodox, it reflects programmed compensations like low-profile anteriors, tooth-specific in/outs, and improved molar torque. The combination delivers finishing precision heralded by the world’s most demanding clinicians. The Orthos arch form comes in a full complement of sizes, alloys and configurations to treat all your cases effectively and efficiently from start to precision finish.