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Simpli5 is an express aligner system that provides a fast, effective and simple solution to minor and moderate anterior misalignments. The patient wears five appliances per arch that are programmed with incremental correction to move the teeth to their desired end result. There’s one simple-and-attractive fee per arch (upper and lower), which allows you to quote the right treatment cost to your patients.

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The right choice for minor corrections and relapse cases!

Treats patients in 3 to 5 months
No certification required


Get your patients in and out of aligners fast with Simpli5

Simpli5 is your best solution for cases involving minor to moderate anterior crowding or spacing and for orthodontic relapse cases.Simpli5 is available through Ormco’s AOA Lab, the world’s leading orthodontic appliance lab. Simpli5 includes five sets of sequential clear trays for both dual and single arch cases. It requires no special certification or time-consuming onlineverification. With a rapid turnaround of just 4 weeks, Simpli5 is your fastest, simplest and most economical way to create magnificent smiles for patients seeking a smile makeover.


Most cases finish in 5 months or less
Ideal for any anterior case requiring minor to moderate corrections and orthodontic relapse
Impressions to aligners in just 4 weeks


No instruction, certification or ClinCheck required - experienced AOA lab techs do the work for you
Just send your stone model and your prescription back to Ormco Europe


More cost-effective than existing aligner products

Who are your ideal candidates for Simpli5?

Minor to moderate anterior crowding or spacing
Minor orthodontic relapse

  1. Upper Arch with Spacing

  2. Crowded Upper Arch

  3. Rotated Upper Incisors

  4. Crowded Lower Arch

  5. Trapped Lower Laterals

  6. Generalized Lower Spacing


    How to get started - Guideline

    Ormco will only accept quality stone or plaster models using alginate or PVS impressions.
    Include a completed prescription form with email.
    Allow 4 weeks for return of the entire series of aligners.

    Step by step

    1. Patient Selection
      Mild to moderate anterior crowding or spacing, upper/lower 3-3.  Up to 2.5mm of movement per tooth over the 5 arch treatment.

    2. Impressions
      Ensure Ormco receive quality stone or orthodontic plaster models using alginate or PVS impressions. Impressions cannot be accepted.

    3. Prescription
      Ask the patient for their chief concern and note on the form.  Select “reset ideal” or “best overall result”. If reset ideal is chosen and the most ideal result cannot be achieved with 5 aligners, then you will be notified.

    4. Shipping
      Place the pre-printed shipping label on the box and call the UPS number indicated.

    5. Return
      The Simpi5 system will be returned to your office with 4 weeks.  All aligners will be included and marked in order of wear.

      If you require more Simpli5 shipping boxes, please contact Ormco Europe or email cssimpli5@ormcoeurope.com