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Inspire ICE

The Clear Choice for Performance in Aesthetics -  Inspire ICE clear brackets are an invaluable product for orthodontists who want an aesthetic solution for their practices, one that will deliver superb results for patients in need of mild, moderate or significant tooth movement and unprecedented treatment control. Inspire ICE features crystal-clear monocrystalline sapphire brackets that are virtually invisible – regardless of the patient’s tooth shade.

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The Clear Choice for Performance in Aesthetics

Inspire ICE clear brackets are an invaluable product for orthodontists who want an aesthetic solution for their  practices, one that will deliver superb results for patients in need of mild, moderate or significant tooth movement and unprecedented treatment control.

Crystal Clear

Unlike ceramic brackets that are opaque and colored to mimic a particular tooth shade, Inspire ICE™ brackets are crystal clear and virtually disappear regardless of tooth shade. The only completely transparent bracket on the market, Inspire ICE is the only true aesthetic solution for ALL patients.

Maximum tie-wing strength

Advances in heat-treatment technology allow us to produce brackets that are twice as resistant to breakage than other ceramic appliances. Torque strength is nearly three times that of other ceramic brackets such as Clarity™†.

Excellent sliding mechanics - without a metal slot

Inspire ICE has an ultra-smooth, heat-polished surface that dramatically reduces friction. Laboratory tests prove the frictional resistance of Inspire ICE to be better than ceramic brackets with a metal slot insert. Note: Testing performed with .017 x .025 Copper Ni-Ti® archwire in .018 slot brackets.

Easy to debond

Inspire Ice utilizes Ormco’s patented ball-base technology, which reduces the force required to debond. A simplified debonding procedure ensures that brackets come off easily and consistently – simply engage the Inspire ICE debonding instrument under the tie-wing area and pivot the instrument toward the occlusal/incisal edge.

Smooth and comfortable

Inspire ICE is the lowest profile ceramic bracket on the market and is manufactured with an innovative boron tumbling process that provides a smooth surface and rounded facial contours to greatly enhance patient comfort.

Fast, accurate placement

Ormco’s rhomboid shape, tooth-specific pad contours and unique Face Paint™ system for bracket-to-tooth contrast provide fast, accurate bracket placement. New lower bicuspid brackets offer patients a complete 20-unit aesthetic option.

As a pure Straight-Wire® Appliance and a true twin bracket, Inspire ICE may be combined with any other Straight-Wire bracket within the arch without compromising treatment.

Debonding Instructions

The following procedure was designed to help you safely debond Inspire Ice brackets, using the Inspire Ice debonding kit

  1. Remove all ligatures and archwires. To ensure the comfort of your patients during the debonding procedure, use the soft wax bite, which has been provided in the enclosed kit. Heat the wax bite prior to use, if necessary, to ensure that all teeth are well supported, but allow the wax to cool down before applying debonding forces. Due to the fact that the wax bite comes in one size, you may need to trim it down to avoid interfering with bracket access, as shown in illustration

  2. Using the enclosed debonding instrument, grasp the bracket under the occlusal gingival tie–wings. Squeeze the instrument handles firmly until they touch. Hold the instrument in this position for several seconds, as shown in illustrations 2 and

  3. With the handles still touching, pivot the instrument toward the occlusal/incisal edge, using gradually increasing force until the bracket releases from the tooth. Do not snap, pull or twist the bracket. Inspire Ice brackets feature gingival ball reduction (GBR) technology, which helps initiate a crack in the adhesive on the gingival edge of the base: therefore, it is recommended that brackets are debonded toward the occlusal/incisal edge, as shown in illustrations 4 and 5.Note: Inspire Ice brackets are designed to fail at the interface between the bracket and the adhesive, for the safety of enamel. as a result, some or all of the adhesive will remain on the tooth after the bracket is removed. The Inspire Ice debonding kit is intended for single-patient use only. Please dispose of instrument immediately after use.