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Damon System

It Begins With The Face - The Damon philosophy recognizes that to limit diagnosis exclusively to hard-tissue cephalometric criteria ignores soft-tissue symmetry. Of course, achieving the best facial balance possible must be done in conjunction with conventional treatment goals. The Damon System offers a unique mechanical system – a passive conduit – that permits low forces to work in conjunction with the muscles of the face, tongue, bone and tissue. Low forces minimize discomfort and greatly increase the types of cases that can be treated to a symmetrical facial result without high-force expansion or extractions.

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Damon System Brackets

The Damon System is a proven combination of passive self-ligating brackets, force-calibrated archwires and minimally invasive treatment protocols that work together as a low-friction system.

The Damon System eliminates the need for traditional mechanics that may require more frequent tooth extractions. Because the Damon System employs a lower ligation force, frictional resistance is minimized, leading to less unwanted forces in magnitude and direction. This facilitates more efficient treatment modalities. As a result, you can provide your patients with fast, comfortable treatment and fewer appointments.

The Damon Difference

Elastic ligatures create friction and binding and require more force and more-frequent adjustments.

Damon passive self-ligating brackets allow freedom of movement and thus faster results with gentler forces. It’s the biologically sensible way to improve tooth position and facial aesthetics.

Clinically Proven Advantages

  •     Up to 7 months’ faster treatment time
  •     Significantly fewer appointments
  •     Significantly greater patient comfort
  •     Significantly higher quality results

Expanding the Possibilities...without RPEs or Surgery

With a reduced need for auxiliary appliances or invasive procedures, the Damon System benefits both you and your patients. In this featured Damon case, the patient gained 14 mm of posterior arch width without rapid palatal expansion or surgery. The posttreatment CT image shows transverse arch development and normal alveolar bone on lingual and buccal surfaces.