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Titanium Buccal Tubes

Pad Size

The largest pad size available provides improved bond strength and a better fit to the tooth.

Handling Notch 
A unique notch on the occlusal side makes holding the Titanium buccal tube a cinch and helps with initial placement onthe tooth.

I.D. System 
The I.D. dot is compatible with the legendary Orthos system.

Teardrop Design 
Buccal tubes on the lower arch feature a teardrop design to keep them out of occlusion. There are alsono tie-wings to create food traps and inhibit patient comfort.

In-Face Funneled Slot Opening 
A patented funneled slot opening makes archwire engagement easy without added size.

Comfortable Hook Design 
The Ormco hook design tilts away from the gingiva to avoid impingement and enhance patient comfort.

Comparison with Ormco’s Accent and Peerless tubes shows a significant reduction in profile as well as an increase in bonding surface with Titanium buccal tubes.