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TMA Archwires

“Nothing could be more basic to our science than the control of space. Quite simply, in order to align teeth, we are first concerned with making enough space to fit them all in, then we close what is left over after we have aligned them. One can easily picture the orthodontic pioneers wrestling with this problem, much as we do today.
The only difference is that we have more options today, options as to techniques, metals, forces and desired side effects.
Understanding the uses, limitations, applications and anticipated actions of this wire can only improve its value to any practitioner. For this one wire can offer tremendous efficiency of time and force utilization.”
– M. Alan Bagden, DMD

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Space Closure in the Age of “Variable Modulus” Mechanics
Ormco helped develop the original Beta Titanium wire more than two decades ago. Over the years, Ormco refined the TMA manufacturing process to a science in order to deliver the largest number of sizes and options available. Today, the TMA brand of Beta Titanium remains the industry standard for consistency and quality.

With half the force but twice the working range of stainless steel, TMA has indications for all stages of treatment. Because of its intermediate stiffness between stainless steel and the nickel-titanium memory alloys, it is especially beneficial as a main working archwire. TMA has good flexibility and springback characteristics along with predictable forces for consistent control.

  • Initial Stage – TMA is recommended for tooth alignment, space closure and curve of Spee. Ormco offers preformed Reverse Curve TMA and Reverse Curve TMA with “T” Loops.
  • Intermediate Stage – TMA is recommended for early torque control with moderate forces. TMA also provides complete manipulation of the wire for dimensional control. Indications include use as an ideal retraction arch while exerting more-constant moderate forces over a longer period of time.
  • Final Stage – TMA is used as a detailing wire with moderate force.

Low-Friction and Colored TMA®
If sliding mechanics and minimum friction are your goals, then you will appreciate the benefits of Low-Friction and Colored Low-Friction TMA. TMA colors also offer patients exciting new looks.

Ormco’s trademark nickel-titanium wire, Ni-Ti has the resiliency and high springback necessary during treatment. Ni-Ti is indicated for initial leveling, aligning and rotational control.

Turbo Wire
Turbo Wire is a nine-strand rectangular braided Ni-Ti, with low stiffness and great flexibility. Turbo Wire is recommended as an initial wire to unravel and level while controlling torque and engaging brackets fully. It is also effective as a finishing wire, retaining torque but allowing vertical elastic use.

Titanium Niobium FA (Finishing Archwire)
Titanium Niobium FA is an innovative archwire designed for precision tooth-to-tooth finishing. The unique metallurgical properties of Titanium Niobium FA make it a precision intraoral detailing option. At 80% of the stiffness of TMA, it is perfect for holding bends, yet light enough not to override the arch-to-arch relationship. It is recommended for use with finishing elastics and even though it feels soft and pliable, it possesses a resiliency after bending that is equal to stainless steel.

Stainless Steel
Ormco stainless steel wires are made of 300 series alloys to high tensile strengths in excess of 300,000 psi. The wires are manufactured to the highest quality for dimensional precision and surface finish, providing optimum forces for arch stability, resilience, formability and
sliding mechanics.

D-Rect is an eight-strand braided stainless steel wire. It can be used throughout treatment where lighter forces with dimensional control are indicated.

Triple Flex
Triple Flex is a three-strand twisted stainless steel wire. It has moderately light forces and is used for initial leveling and alignment.

Respond is a stainless steel coaxial wire. It is recommended as an initial archwire to level and align because of its light, gentle forces. Respond is also very flexible and possesses great springback characteristics. One of the benefits of Respond includes great control with larger initial wire diameters.