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Ormco’s innovative solutions exemplify our continuing efforts to improve the efficiency and comfort of your care and the beauty and stability of your results. Our partnership with you in this endeavor makes our work here at Ormco even more satisfying because our mission of developing quality, progressive products goes hand-in-hand with your clinical and personal goals. That’s why we invest heavily in research and development, set trends rather than follow them and focus on how our products perform in your hands to provide the best clinical outcomes.

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Copper Ni-Ti

“New alloys, geared to generate biologically consistent forces, enable the clinician to provide controlled and predictable tooth movement. Copper Ni-Ti demonstrates precise transformation temperature control, is more resistant to permanent deformation and exhibits a smaller drop in unloading force than other nickel-titanium alloys. By applying the principles of variable transformation temperature orthodontics with Copper Ni-Ti, I am able to control tooth movement in my practice more efficiently.”
– Rohit C. L. Sachdeva, BDS, M Dent Sc

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Damon Clear

Damon Clear combines the clinically proven low-friction properties of passive self-ligation technology with the aesthetics that today’s image-conscious patients demand. The result is a crystal-clear appliance that surpasses expectations in beauty and functionality.

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Damon System

It Begins With The Face - The Damon philosophy recognizes that to limit diagnosis exclusively to hard-tissue cephalometric criteria ignores soft-tissue symmetry. Of course, achieving the best facial balance possible must be done in conjunction with conventional treatment goals. The Damon System offers a unique mechanical system – a passive conduit – that permits low forces to work in conjunction with the muscles of the face, tongue, bone and tissue. Low forces minimize discomfort and greatly increase the types of cases that can be treated to a symmetrical facial result without high-force expansion or extractions.

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The Mini-Twin brings a rhomboid design to a Straight-Wire appliance system. Thirty percent smaller than a standard Twin, the Mini-Twin is designed to give you the control you demand in an appliance that is more esthetic and comfortable for your patients.

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Prodigy SL

Prodigy SL’s patented design combines the best of both worlds – active and passive – to provide you with enormous flexibility while enabling you to use your preferred treatment mechanics. Choose a combination of active brackets in the anterior for control while benefitting from passive mechanics in the posterior. Or use the entire complement of active SL brackets for all anterior and posterior teeth. Plus, Prodigy SL’s innovative SpinTek™ slide is constructed of Copper Ni-Ti™ for less wear, greater performance reliability and delivery of continuous force. That means more predictable results.

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See What You’ve Been Missing! 
Blugloo is the first and only adhesive that provides color contrast when you need it and is clear when you don’t. Bracket placement and cleanup have never been easier. Blugloo’s advanced formulation is optimized for aesthetic brackets such as Damon Clear, but it’s also excellent for metal brackets.

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Grengloo is the two-way color change adhesive that will revolutionize your bonding experience by providing the strength, flexibility and intelligent features you want for the bond reliability you demand.
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Whether you treat with conventional twins or self-ligating brackets, the SnapLink re-convertible tube helps you gain more control and treat patients more efficiently. Each tie-less, low-friction SnapLink tube makes wire changes and posterior tooth movement snap. As a result, patients will experience shorter appointments and more comfortable treatments.

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Straight-Wire Synthesis

Straight-Wire Appliances are all founded in the original principles of Dr. Andrews. That means that any A+  Straight- Wire Appliance is built upon three key Andrews principles: compound bracket contours, torque-in-base and level slot lineup. These design principles are interrelated and fundamental to the requirements of any Straight-Wire Appliance. And since all Straight-Wire Appliances share these principles, they are fully interchangeable.

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